Baleen whales have two blowholes, while toothed whales have only one. For this reason, baleen whales sometimes produce a V-shaped spout. The pressure differences between the exhalation of the different species must be taken into consideration.
The characteristic spout is not a typical fountain jet: it is produced by powerful exhalation, during which lower pressure and a cooler external temperature cause the moisture in the exhaled air to condense and make it visible as a fountain of mist. The blue whale, the largest mammal on this planet, can produce spouts of up to 12 metres.
This fountain includes a basin (to be defined) with additional water storage, the required mixed nozzles and adequate pressure potential via pumps. Depending on the design, there are additional interactive elements that allow visitors to choose particular fountains to activate. A random spout (low version) is also possible with the corresponding controls. It goes without saying that dramatic lighting will be provided for night-time viewing. Many variants are conceivable and will be made to measure for customers.