Tesla-Coil 3MTC


The Tesla coil 3MTC is an audio capable solid state Tesla coil on which music can be played. With two identical coils there is the option of a phase shift. This shifts the phases of the coils against each other so that a common lightning flash forms like a bridge between the coils.
The 3MTC offers all the features of the Tesla coil 2MTC, but provides additional power for greater flash lengths. The coil can be used standing upright or hanging upside down.

Technical data:

• Flash length: up to 3.5 m
• Dimension: 80x80cm, 250cm high, toroids ø 1,22m
• Safety distance for unprotected equipment or persons: 6m spherical
• Frequency range for sound reproduction: 16 to 300Hz
• Noise level: 100dB
• Power requirement: 125A CEE, 3P1N1PE, isolation transformer required