Tesla-Coil 2MTC


Our 2MTC with 2m discharge length can be used standing or hanging upside down.
The Tesla coil offers numerous possibilities for instrumental and musical use:
• in chorus with other coils as a "Tesla Orchestra"
•playing an existing music file
• to transmitting the melody with an appropriate instrument (electric guitar, keyboard, drum pad, etc.)
If you have two identical coils, you have the option to create a spark bridge.
When "phase shifting", the phases of the coils are shifted against each other in such a way that a common flash is formed between them like a bridge.

Technical data:
• Flash length: up to 2.5m
• Dimensions: 55 x 55cm, 1,4m high, toroid ø 75cm
• Safety distance for unprotected equipment or persons: 4m spherical
• Frequency range for sound reproduction: 50 to 600Hz
• Noise level: up to 100 dB
• Power requirement: 32A CEE, 3P1N1PE, isolation transformer required