Tesla-Coil 2MDC


The Tesla-Coil 2MDC is a Solid State Tesla-Coil, which is able to play audiofiles. When operated in AC-mode, the coil is able to operate the same functionalities of a Tesla-Coil 2MTC. The distinctive feature of this coil is the possibilty to operate in DC-mode, which allows you to let things "explode" by discharging the coil. It is capable of audio playback between the range of approximately 50 and 600 Hz. The sound generation level in AC mode is up to approx. 100 dB. The potential “lightning flash” can be up to 2,5m long. 
The distinctive feature of the coil is the increased pulse operation (DC mode), which enables the production of discharges similar to those of a Marx generator (30kv/200 A; up to 1000 A can be achieved when custom-made). The discharge length in DC mode can be up to 2 meters and can be used to „blow up“ or “explode“ objects. The light produced is very bright and a moderately loud sound occurs. 
The objects function is not immediately apparent to the audience since it can be presented upside down on a media elevator or upright on a stage.
A phase shift is performed by using two identical 2M Tesla-Coils. The phases of both coils are moved relative to one another in order to form a combined lightning flash between them. This function can be switched on and off when the Tesla-Coil is in operating mode. 
A coil with the three possible areas of application – audio-enabled (AC mode), pulse operation (DC mode), phase shift – is unique in science shows.